Changing Bude-Stratton

We love where we live

We’re a group of local people who feel that the last year has shown our community at its best. We want to build on these fantastic qualities and strengths to create a town council that reflects the desires and aspirations of the people who live in Bude-Stratton.

We believe in a council for Bude-Stratton that:

Actively listens to all the people of Bude-Stratton

Encourages participation and engagement by all

Empowers individuals, community groups
and all residents

Instinctively says ‘yes, how can we help you?’

Offers a welcoming, creative and inspiring environment for making decisions

Is open and transparent in its decision making

Be part of the change

Our councillors support and represent the community to the council. We don’t have a manifesto, instead we have a set of ‘Values and Beliefs‘ and ‘Ways of Working‘ that ensure we listen to people’s needs and always put them first.

If you share these values please join us as a supporter. 

Get in touch

If you share our hopes for positive change in Bude and Stratton join in the conversation.

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