Amanda Tame

I feel very fortunate to be bringing our daughters up in such a wonderful place, this appreciation has only increased in the last year as walking in our beautiful surrounds has been a saviour. I am passionate about our town and to have a Council that is community-led would, I believe, provide the best future for us all. After seeing the incredible community spirit via the local Covid support group I think the time is perfect to turn this positivity towards change. 

As a group working together we managed to achieve some wonderful things, there was the ‘Love from Bude’ project where we got lots of lovely treats sent off to NHS frontline workers that have family here in Bude. We’ve shopped and delivered to people isolating, talked on the phone to combat loneliness, helped more than 40 people get to their Covid vaccination appointments, even organising and delivering gifts and hot meals on Christmas Day to some of our isolated elderly. Another way to try and ease that feeling of isolation was that I asked the Council to implement something I’d seen elsewhere in the country – Talking Benches, where people are encouraged to sit and strike up conversations. Three have been allocated locally, hopefully they will enable some lovely chats this Summer. 

I would like to build on the achievements of the previous years whilst encouraging a stronger, more positive relationship between Council and community, a Council that encourages resident participation in future decisions with what is done and how money is spent by ‘opening the door’, consulting the community and listening to concerns and ideas. Providing open forums that are accessible to everyone will allow community voices to be heard that wouldn’t normally be.