Celli Moriarty

I love Bude. I love its people, its beauty and its green ethics. I grew up here, did a biology degree and a masters in Conservation at Imperial College London. I then travelled the world but the call of Cornwall, the sea and specifically Bude was too great and I returned in my early 20’s. Bude is where I choose to bring up my children.

I ran Cerenety Eco Campsite which was a huge passion project for me. The combination of working with volunteers, the community, animals and on the earth was an incredible experience. I won ‘Best Managed Small Business’ in the 2018 Cornwall Sustainability Awards. We hosted teenagers from Budehaven School and volunteers from Pentreath (an amazing organisation helping people with mental health and emotional difficulties). We involved everyone in permaculture, animal husbandry and many other projects, whilst we continually learnt from each other.

Whilst living in Bude, I have volunteered in many capacities. I have helped with the planting and regeneration down at the canal and at the community orchard at Neetside. Whilst working at the Refill Shop in Bude I was a volunteer delivery driver during the pandemic. I also have volunteered some of my time to start the Bude Creatives initiative which will hopefully result in a sustainable art’s hub in Bude. I now work at the Preston Gate Pub in Poughill and am planning a new business focusing on both the community and the environment, two things I believe are inseparably linked. From working at the pub during the pandemic, it has made me increasingly aware of the need for community events in Bude. I would like to see fun and dynamic events which showcase music, the arts, the environment, culture, food and sports. Bude is so good at all of these things, let’s celebrate them!