Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a political party?

No. We are all independents with a shared set of values and beliefs. Click here to read them.

What does ‘independent’ really mean in this instance?

All the BSCA candidates have their own interests and passions. Since we are not a party there will be no line to toe, which means all those who are elected are free to vote as they choose on any matter. We don’t believe there is room for party politics when it comes to the well-being of our town.

If you are all independent, why form the BSCA?

The BSCA was formed to provide a support network for those who wanted to stand for council – and make a difference in Bude-Stratton. To those who have been a part of BSCA since September 2020 it has brought support and friendship, a greater knowledge of the issues in our town and the workings of the current council, the courage to question the status quo and the ability to share concerns, ideas, plans and learnings. 

We believe that we can achieve more together than apart.

How will your values and beliefs be reflected in the council chamber, if you are elected?

We understand how to work together. We have already resolved issues, acted democratically to make decisions, respected those decisions and developed plans and strategies together. This ability to work harmoniously is something we are really keen to replicate in the council chamber from now on. In fact, we see it as vital to the smooth running of BSTC. 

How are you financed?

We don’t have any millionaire donors and we are very happy about it. Our leaflets and campaigning materials were paid for with a kitty we contributed to ourselves. You might call it a ‘whip round’. 

The details of our financials are available – according to Electoral Commission rules.

Are any of you members of any party?

No. Some of us have been elected as councillors before as members of political parties but we are all independent.

Why don’t you have a manifesto?

Since our aim is to listen to the community we don’t intend to stand on the basis of promises we can’t keep. Our promise is simple: if you elect us we will listen to your concerns and involve you in all the major decisions that we make. We believe a town council should take its lead from the people who elect it. So we want to listen first, engage with the community, then decide policies and priorities. 


Get in touch and let us know your concerns. Email us here.

Why are you different from the old council?

Women and young people have traditionally been underrepresented on Bude Stratton Town Council. We have changed that. Six of our eleven councillors are women and several are under 40.

How do you intend to ‘transform’ the council?

Since we are interested in listening to the views of the community we will be able to do the following (at the very least): 

  • Create a communications policy that actively encourages us to listen.
  • Make saying yes a priority when it comes to reviewing ideas.
  • Find new ways to engage with the community.
  • Talk to the community BEFORE any decisions get made.
  • Use community groups, forums or assemblies to help inform our decisions.
  • Make participation easy and welcoming for the community.
  • Set aside budget that can be ‘spent’ by the community as it chooses.

We would also hope to do the following:

  • Revise decision-making timescales to make sure there is proper consultation.
  • Make sure we discuss items at public meetings that the public is interested in.
  • Make sure we ALWAYS have enough information to make the BEST decisions.
  • Get expert help to make decisions.
  • Change the structure of meetings so that we don’t get bogged down in process and protocol.

You were not all elected? How will it work now?

We look forward to the challenge of representing the people of our town and relish the challenges that it will bring. We know all of the current councillors personally and look forward to forging a great future with those have been elected.

We are delighted to be a part of democracy in action.

I have a question about a local issue. Who can I ask?

We provide contact details on our Councillor biographies, where appropriate. These are provided on the understanding that it is on our terms. This is about personal choice, not a lack of transparency. 

However, we will always be happy to answer questions, even if some of us may not be able to respond directly. If you don’t have the contact details of the candidate then please Email us and we will aim to answer your question as best we can.

click here to find out more about our Councillors.

Alternatively, you can ask questions on our Facebook Page. We don’t mind challenging or specific questions about local issues, if they have not been answered here, but we do ask that you keep it good natured and kind. 

We will not tolerate trolling, abuse, gaslighting or harassment in any form.