Katie Goode

I’m Creative Director of BAFTA nominated, Bude video games studio Triangular Pixels. My husband and I have a toddler and are slaves to a cat. I design and create things for others, have a keen eye for accessibility, and want to use those skills to listen to you and help you.

I love it here in Bude – the place, the people, the community. In my creative work I take a lot of inspiration from the area. The VR experience we created for Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust for Cornwall’s new Sowenna (a young people’s mental health hospital) uses a lot of the feel of Bude to help heal vulnerable patients. We launched the first game fully playable in Cornish, and many local places are featured! I’m really keen to help other creatives and businesses to export Bude culture into Cornwall, UK and beyond. But I’m always spotting services and areas we can improve. Why is public transport so poor? Why is it so hard to access health services? What opportunities are there for young people? Why are people having to resort to walking in the road in order to get to town? And many more..

I’ve always tried to improve things in my own way – beach cleaning, commenting on local planning permission, proposing new road layouts, being part of various groups and the business community, and taking on as many local work experience students to work in software development as we can manage. But I find myself wanting to do more and to make a real positive change. This is why I want to be on Bude-Stratton Town Council – and if you allow me, to be in a position where I’m able to listen to you, work with you, and make meaningful changes that you want. I have the team and project skills to actually deliver.

Day to day I have to work with a diverse range of people and businesses, work to timescales, evaluate risks and plan for project slips, have good working relationships with national and international press, work closely in teams of people with different skills, create pitches and presentations, run focus groups and workshops, and be efficient with small budgets. For younger voters – yes I can stream on Twitch and am part of many Discords.

If you allow it – I would be a Councillor who will be able to project manage and get things done. I’ll be able to use my wide range of connections to really put Bude on the map. However, my key skills and how I’m able to design award winning experiences is listening, empathy, being able to put myself in others shoes, and being an innovative and creative problem solver. Those core traits which will allow me to really help local community groups, you and your family.