What are we doing?

Our intention is to transform the Council into one where the policies and priorities are devised and implemented by the community as a whole.

The health, well-being and happiness of local residents is our key priority and we feel that the Town Council could act as a catalyst for making our communities stronger, happier and better prepared for the future. 

We face an urgent climate crisis. We believe the town council should show leadership in assessing our vulnerability to climate change and urgently find ways to make our town, community, landscape, shoreline, economy and way of life resilient to its damaging impacts.

We feel that the Town Council should be a welcoming, participative and democratic place where everyone feels encouraged to put forward ideas and where those ideas are listened to and taken seriously. 

We think that all sections of our communities should be treated with respect and their concerns and priorities should be taken into consideration by their local democratic institutions. This includes listening to our children and young people, who are going to be most impacted by the decisions we make now. 

Our Beliefs, Core Values and Ways of Working