We are a group of local people who live, work or play an active part in the life of our community in Bude-Stratton. We have come together because we are inspired by initiatives locally in response to Covid and have a shared concern that this crisis has highlighted how vulnerable we could be to future crises, be they natural or man-made.

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Dan Haylock portrait

Dan Haylock – Hele

Democracy at a national and international level is waning, local democratic action has an important part to play in shaping our own futures. Acting as a group encourages many in the community who may otherwise not have considered standing for Council to step forward and work together to give all those around them a voice.

Christine Apiou

I’m Christine and I co-own Electric Bakery, I’m a chef and illustrator. Having become part of the community through the bakery, I’m looking forward to extending my attention to the wider community of Bude, with open ears and a positive attitude to help overcome the challenges we encounter.

Karen Talbot

Proud to support this bunch. They teach your kids; they bake your bread; they train your nippers; they support people through lockdown; they lead your scouts; they clean our beaches; they plant trees; they make your slippers; pour your beer and grow stuff. They will help us grow as a community; they will listen and learn. Given them your vote and your trust. You won’t regret it.

Stuart Marshall

I believe It's time for a change of leadership in the affairs of Bude town and surrounding areas. I fully support BSCA and their aims for more inclusive and dynamic council policies. We need a vibrant, creative and forward thinking council at the heart of our community, giving residents of all ages more of a say in how our our town develops.

Kevin portrait

Kevin Wells

I’m supporting Bude-Stratton Community Alliance because the time is right for the residents to have a much-needed say in council decisions. The community needs to play an active part in the direction the town choses in supporting environmentally friendly infrastructure spending, as well as supporting our diverse population to make Bude an even more beautiful place to live.

rose portrait

Rose Choules

I believe the council should seek out and support people who don’t normally have a voice, but who are directly affected by the councils decisions. We’ve seen huge grass-roots achievements in places like Frome and Buckfastleigh and I feel Bude-Stratton Town Council could be just as forward thinking, creative, inclusive and free of party politics.

sue portrait

Sue Holmes

I would like to see positive change in the way our council engages with the community. I believe in the BSCA principles and values and am excited to see what can be achieved when the Council really listens and wants to say yes.

Jacki Stephens

Democracy in Bude has lapsed, we seem to have lost sight of individuals, their needs, now and for the future. Our young are often ignored but things can change. Our fantastic candidates have already proved their passion for Bude and the people who live here, they innovatively work to make things happen. Please give them your VOTE – they will listen and make change happen.

lou quinton portrait

Lou Quinton

I grew up in Bude and have such love for our town. Every single resident, across ALL demographics should have a voice to create a town that they love to live in too, and the BSCA will enable that voice to be heard and positive change to occur. Our town deserves a council that works with its people, not in isolation and I know that BSCA can be just that and more!

Steve Haynes

I feel it is time to listen and be open to new ideas that will make our town a better place for everyone.

James portrait

James Sirmon

Bude-Stratton has a huge resource of motivated and skilled individuals with great ideas and plans, and this group will give them a great platform to operate from resulting in a great opportunity to steer the direction of the local council to address the needs of the local community.